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Our Learning Environments

Preschool 1's

We encourage intentional learning through play in our early preschool class. Early learning is promoted by reading from age appropriate books and playing with a variety of educational toys. We also develop social growth and awareness by teaching sign language and always showing kindness to others.

This is a very nurturing environment, where we encourage our toddlers to play with stimulating toys and interact with one another. Our brightly painted walls and colorful wall stickers and posters create a warm atmosphere for our children. Our teachers ensure that each child receives plenty of attention and lots of love. 

Preschool 2's

Our 2-year-old class begins each morning with free play, where the kids have an opportunity to socialize with each other and practice sharing. It’s also an opportunity for us to practice counting and learning our shapes and colors. 

This is followed up with our devotion which encompasses the theme for the day. Music and finger-plays are incorporated to further socialize the children as well as to work on their verbal, fine motor, and gross motor skills.​ Stories and age-appropriate crafts help to reinforce our learning. We also love to go outside to our own playground for fresh air and a chance to run around and use our boundless supply of energy.


We wrap our mornings up with a warm lunch where our children get a chance to master the use of utensils and drinking from an unlidded cup.

Preschool 3's

Our Pre-K3 program provides a joyful, structured day full of learning and playing. In the morning we have a great time during circle time! We sing and dance to fun, interactive children’s songs, play with shapes, colors, ABC games, etc.


We have a snack and then we do our bible lesson, which is made very kid friendly and collaborative. Then we work on our curriculum worksheets where every child gets my individual attention as needed. The kids enjoy recess time followed by a warm lunch, and then they are ready for their afternoon nap. 

Preschool 4's

The curriculum that we use is based upon the best source available, the Bible. We study the world around us from God’s viewpoint. We begin our lessons with a Bible concept that flows into activities and subjects including social studies, language arts, math, phonics, science, and scripture memorization.

We also have arts and crafts, music, storytelling, and, of course, outdoor time. Preschool children learn best by doing, so we have daily time to work on tasks together. We have classroom jobs to help teach children responsibility. Our classroom has a routine, but teaching time is flexible.

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