After-School Program

Zenaida Ramos

We start off our afternoons by having snack and giving the kids some time to socialize. They get to talk to their friends and tell us about their day. After snack we have devotion time. During this time we gather together and learn more about God’s word and how it relates to our lives. Weekly crafts and/or activities are provided.

After devotion we have our homework time. You can choose whether or not you want your child(ren) to do homework here or at home. Quiet activities, such as board games, puzzles, Legos, and Lincoln Logs,  are provided for any children who have completed their homework.

When the weather is nice we go out to play for the rest of the afternoon. There is so much to do outside, so they never get bored! We have a newly renovated fenced in playground as well as swings, basketball hoops, and all kinds of sports equipment.