Preschool 3's

Mary Ann Smith

Hi, I’m Mary Ann, the teacher for the 3 year old class. I am the proud mother of two adopted sons (ages 32 &33) and a 17 year old daughter. I love spending time with my grandsons who are 4 and 11. Growing up the oldest of 5 children, I always enjoyed helping & teaching children.

I have my Masters Degree in Education with a concentration in School Counseling and worked for years as an elementary school counselor before staying home and raising my children. I was married for 23 years to a naval officer before becoming a single parent. I have always loved children and choose to return to the workforce as a preschool teacher to share that love.

In the morning we have a great time during circle time! We sing and dance to fun, interactive children’s songs, play shape, colors and ABC games etc. We have snack and then we do our bible lesson, which is made very kid friendly and collaborative. Then we work on our curriculum worksheets where every child gets my one on one attention as needed.

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